Soul Dance

Soul Dance - Original Paintings
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"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul."
~ Van Gogh

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas. A final coat of high quality varnish has been applied to protect the surface of this painting.
Size: 31 1/2"x12" / 80x30 cm
Date of creation: 2000
Signed and Dated on back - Signed on front

Story of this painting:
I still remember when I created this art. I started painting the background several days ago, but I couldn't think anything else to paint on it. But one night when my ex-husband (I've divorced him since) wasn't home at night and I was alone with my son. I felt so sad and lonely in my heart, and I felt the need to paint. I was painting all night, but when I finished the painting in early hours in the morning I wasn't felt lonely anymore, I can't describe how happy I was. And still I am every time I look at this painting. I feel like to dance with them...

This painting could be a stunning piece of artwork within your home or office.


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